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“Thanasis Baxevanis – Blue Aegean Sailing School” is the largest offshore sailing school in Greece, founded in March 2002. After having successfully directed many schools in our city (from 1992 until 2001), this school is now here to witness the devotion of Thanasis Baxevanis in the field of sailing training. Our sailing school is a continuation of a long lasting service on behalf of a sailors’ team who, besides sharing a great friendship, also share their common desire and love for the sea. The rank of training stages starts with the basic school, while special attention is also paid to the continuity of the sailing experience through secondary courses and organization of various activities that all aim to bring the modern man closer to the two most powerful elements of nature: the sea and wind.

The schools’ structure aims in the training of new sailors with modern means and methods and their evolution through second and third grade courses that cover every need. Equal important to us is our students’ sailing future. That’s the reason why we have an annual schedule filled with sailing trips, participation in regattas and a lot more events whose purpose is for us to get together as much as we can. Sailing is a lot like an open window to which once someone takes a look inside, has to see the whole contribution of the sport in his life.

This is our philosophy, this is how our students met us and based on the feedback we get, we believe we are on the right track. Unforgettable sailing experiences, people with common interests, moments of peace but also actions are our wishes to everyone who joins us.

A sailing school has to harmonically pass on knowledge and the love for the sea while offering ideas and propositions to its students regarding their sailing future.

basic training school

This is the first step, the kick‐start of the sailing exploration. The training of this school focuses on the basic knowledge of the most fundamental areas that describe the experience in the open sea, including classes of maritime terminology, shipping rules of the road, navigation, anchoring, meteorology and of course sails trimming. Through written exams, successful attendance leads to acquiring the Greek Offshore Sailing Licence valid worldwide for boats up to 74 ft (the license is issued and certified by the Greek General Secretariat of Athletics of Greece). Courses are offered annually in four periods (March‐April, May‐June, September‐October & November).

So, it stands to reason why the Basic Training School is the necessary primer and the foundation for the creation of any further sailing experience, whose development depends on the secondary courses available to anyone.

advanced school

After two months in the Basic Training School, a new sailor has been born and baptized. His/her next step should be to gain more experience in the open sea. Seamanship after all is the most crucial chapter that one could dwell in. The Advanced school gives emphasis to areas such as the boat preparation, safety issues, accident prevention, anchoring and engineering. Students become accustomed to maneuvers and moves in order to be able to conduct complicated sailing and shipping tasks short-handed as soon as they finish the school.